CONSIDERATIONS for your next
doctor’s appointment


Sometimes it’s challenging to squeeze all of your questions and concerns into an appointment. Here are some tips to help you learn as much as possible during your visit.*

Before your appointment

  • You may want to write down the things you want to discuss. Put the most important topics at the top so you get to them first

  • You may want to consider bringing a friend or loved one with you to help keep you focused. If you’re doing a video call instead, make sure your companion is beside you

During your appointment

  • Go through your list and ask follow-up questions if you don’t understand an answer

  • By the time you leave, understanding the following may be helpful:

  • Why you’re being put on a treatment

  • How the treatment works

  • What to expect from the treatment

After your appointment

  • Review what you learned. Sometimes it helps to explain what the doctor told you to someone else. If you can’t explain it, you may need to call the doctor to review it again

*Amgen cannot make any clinical recommendations or render medical or nursing advice, treatment, opinions or care. This reference is not intended to be a source of medical advice or treatment and does not replace in any way independent medical advice regarding your diagnosis or treatment.

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